Forget 5 things to be happy

Don`t you think that there are some things that you need in your life to be happy? Things that you are used to have inside your head? Thanks God you have me to say to you that you don`t need some of them to be happy!

You don`t need to have all the answers for everything, or make all things right. Don`t worry if you fail in something or don`t be success in your work at this moment, cause the world will not end. One bad thing won`t tell who you are for real. Learn about these mistakes and try to absorb the good things or thought about them.

You don`t need to be a leader all the time. Never waste your time thinking about all the bad thing that could happen. Leave it for your destiny. What should happen, will happen, so there is no reason to think about it all Day. When you notice, you will be old and full of white hairs. If a hard time appears, just work hard to change it.

You don`t need to prove anything for anyone. Don`t need to be special, or to be best in the room. Just try your best in your life. Leave your ambitions and enjoy the talents that you have.

Don`t grieve yourself for your unhappy childhood, failed relationships or how no one noticed you. Surprise: The past is gone. What you do today is your choice, you don`t need to live you were used to. Your past was important and made who you are today.

You do not need to live without problems. You don`t need that everything goes well. Nothing and no one is responsible to make you happy. That’s your job. Happiness is not a utopia, it is a concrete thing in your life. You can start today to live happier. Just start.

Practice your happiness

Attitude. This is the definition of happiness. You can not get used to complain about everything or always depressed, unhappy or complaining about everyone. Train your muscles to be happy and not unhappy. Give more laughter, smiles than complaints. If you only see the bad side of things around you, or those defects, you will … Read More

Save money

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Happiness for you..

What is happiness for you? Is it easy to have or find? Does it have the same meaning for everybody? Happiness could be easily described as a sensation of wellness, peace or good feelings. You will reach it when you fell completely happy or realized in your personal life or even in your professional life.  … Read More

Money means something?

What means money for you? For some people, it means just something important, or as they say , something useful for a normal life style. Something that we all need to have, to work for. With that little, thin and strait thing you can buy your necessities, what is important for you, your life and … Read More